Happy Customers Speak Out About Big John's Beef jerky

I know I've said this before... but you guys rock! The loyalty you give customers like me is why I practically all my jerky from you. Thanks again!

Just wanted to say that Big Johns is da' bomb. By far the best jerky I've ever had. I've got everybody at my office hooked on it now.

This will be my 3rd order of Big Johns Beef Jerky and you guys have yet to disappoint! I will continue ordering your jerky so long as you guys keep up the awesome quality!

cool--your website magically knew to give me a loyalty discount (how great is that!). We love to send your jerky to the troops and to friends--and they love getting it.

Hanging out at the lake and someone offered me some Jerky 7/4/12, wow that is good, Today I'm ordering my own


WOW! I wanna read more!        You sold me &emdash; I want some now!

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