Happy Customers Speak Out About Big John's Beef jerky

A friend from work introduced me to your beef jerky and all I can say is "Incredible". Will be buying more!

Great experience for a first time buyer.

cool--your website magically knew to give me a loyalty discount (how great is that!). We love to send your jerky to the troops and to friends--and they love getting it.

I just got my first order in the mail and I must say, this is by far the best jerky I've ever had. $50 well spent.

I didn't used to like beef jerky, but the only kind I ever tried was the stuff bought in my local grocery store. Then a friend introduced me to your jerky, and I love it. Good flavor, very tender


WOW! I wanna read more!        You sold me &emdash; I want some now!

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