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Jerky Styles

Classic Strips


Thick Slabs


These jerky strips are how Big John's fans have been enjoying the jerky for over 25 years. These are not the leathery, dried out beef jerky strips you may be used to with most brands. Instead, our time-tested, unique process results in strips are thin, easy to eat, and great to share with friends.

Warning: Sharing Big John's Beef Jerky with others often results in continual harassment for more jerky. But you'll also make many new friends. Guaranteed.


Our new Thick Slabs are have been described as “jerky steak” and “what eating jerky is all about” by many loyal customers. It's no wonder, really, 'cause these jerky slabs are a whopping 2 oz (1/8 Lb) each and over 1/4" thick. No matter if you tear off a small piece at a time, or attack the slabs all at once, the experience will be like none you have ever had. Guaranteed.

Warning: If you eat the whole slab at once, we recommend doing it in private or risk being embarrassed.


OK now I REALLY want some!

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